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In Digimon Adventure 02, you still see the older Digidestind from the first series. Here I will just plainly give details on what they are doing during the series and a pic of each.



After the end of the first season, Matt became the vocalist and bass player for a rock band called the Teenage Wolves. He was very popular and girls were always running up to him wanting his autograph, much to his dismay. One of his biggest fans was the older sister of Davis, Jun Motomiya, who constantly pursued him in the storyline. One time, when Matt was going to tell the Motomiyas that Davis was going to be gone for a little while, Jun said that she knew that he was lying and blackmailed him into going on a dinner. She also wanted to go camping with him, but he told her to close her eyes and left her behind; she later tracked him down at the campground itself.

His friendship with Tai changed considerably: while there was still a note of rivalry, it was a rivalry based on friendship, with love and mutual respect for each other. At one point when Tai felt he had let down Agumon, Matt punched him in the face to try and get him to snap out of it. Unlike in the previous season; Tai said, "I needed that."

Within Season 2, Matt also seems to develop feelings for Sora. By the end of the season the two seem to be more than friends, when Sora gives him a box of cookies, symbolizing her feelings for him.



All his studying pays off as he now attends a private junior high school. He later is busy studying for the high school entrance exams while helping the others out with the spare time that he has. One of his older brothers, Jim/Shuu, is revealed to be studying folklore under Professor Takenouchi, Sora's father.



In this series, he has entered high school (though in the original Japanese version, him and all the other older children are only in middle school). Tai has grown emotionally by this time. He is much calmer and less likely to act without thinking.

Tai plays a major role in the first episode ("Enter Flamedramon"). When he senses that Agumon is in trouble, he mysteriously enters the Digital World and tries to help him out. Along with Patamon and Gatomon, he finds a cave that has a Digi-Egg with the Crest of Courage on it. He tries to lift it up (and fails), which causes three points of light to rise and fly off. They are the three Digivices that Davis, Cody, and Yolei receive. After the battle with Monochromon, Tai also gives Davis his goggles, since Davis broke his square goggles in the battle.



Three years later, Izzy is now in high school (middle school in the original version) and was a president of the Computer Club. Izzy continues to play his technical role; he monitors the Digital World and alerts the new DigiDestined to upcoming troubles and problems. Izzy devises the plan to invade Kens base; with Codys information that a pipeline will cross paths with Kens base, he directs Agumon and Gabumon to create a diversion. Later, when Kens base is about to explode, Izzy tells them the problem and when the warp is back to normal.

With Willis from America, he also figures out that the new Digivices have three new functions, and dubs them the D-3s. Lastly, after school gets out, Izzy theorizes that the power of the D-3 is what really opens the gate to the Digital World. This theory proves to be correct, and gives the DigiDestined the ability to open up ports at any time and any location, rather than being limited to simply using the schools computer lab to move in and out of the Digital World.



The second season takes place three years after the original. During this time, Sora loses some of her tomboyishness and is now learning the art of flower arranging from her mother. She also wears a sailor fuku. Although she no longer plays soccer, she is in the tennis club and still joins the other Digidestined whenever they can. There are signs that show that Sora develops feelings for Matt, such as when Sora goes backstage to give Matt some homemade cookies during the Christmas Special.



During Digimon Adventure 02, a portal to the Digital World opens in the United States, allowing Mimi to access the Digital World. How she can enter is never revealed; the original Digivice cannot open a gate, sans Tai's mysterious entry into the Digital World in the first episode. In addition to the clothing changes, she also changes her hair color as well.

She plays an important role in the episode that Arukenimon makes her first appearance. She is playing with a bunch of Yukimibotomon/Snowbotomon, while Palmon is out collecting more food. While she is out, Palmon notices Arukenimon converting a control spire into a Golemon. Arukenimon orders the Digimon to destroy the dam. Palmon runs back to warn Mimi, who messages the others to come help. During the battle, after all five of the DigiDestined's Digimon are exhausted and defeated, Mimi messages Ken to come help despite the protests from Cody and Yolei.

Digimon: Digital Monsters is copyright 1999-2006 Bandai, Toei Animation Studio and Saban.